i LOVE you


How should i express this feeling..
It came to me, and always stays with me..

i'm happy i must say..as happy as it can be..
to be loved by sOmeOne i love!!

It takes me away where I've never been..
It shows me a world I have never seen, I could only dream..
That I ever would find myself with a lover like you hOney =)

Day by day..this feeling grows stronger..
And makes me missing you all the time..

*aaa what have u dOne tO me hOneyy!! =)hik3
ia menggemuks jgak kan..cukup makan cam kite =D

thanks hOney, for everything..

i LOVE you..


ade macam2..

ade yang memahami..
ade yang menyakiti..

tapi paling x best, apabila yang memahami tu btukar menjadi yang menyakiti..

i miss my friend, yang suatu ketika dahulu, memahami..

*ape mlalut tgh2 mlm, ntah laaa~

Love and cOurses..

Some people said, it's better to choose bf or gf from the same course.
reasOns? both can understand each other's scope of jOb, and spend quality times together..if not, they will end up with a sad ending; break up..

It's just like a curse.."u don't dO this, then u will suffer"..i always got the chances (been fOrced actually) to hear abOut this thing.they gave me a lot of examples, usually when it happened to our friends.

I HATE to hear all of these stuffs..it's not because i got medic student as my future wife..its simply nonsense..it's RUBBISH..Love and course, they are nOt even related..

I believe that if 2 persons do love each other, they definitely will survive - any obstacles..no time? they will find some times..different scope of job? dO care about his/her profession..it's simple!! try to understand each other i must say~

I love my future wife..my love for sYaMiRa is without equal..certainly i would try to spend my time with her, even if it would cost me insufficient sleeping hours. For real,i did that, and keep dOing it =) the positive part of it, it encourages me to do other jobs faster, not to delay it sO that i can spend my time at nite with her without jeopardizing other responsibilities..when i'm with her, i would concentrate only on her, no other things..my time is all hers..it's simply because i just dont have any other time to offer.. At least, bleh qada' aa kan =D

About sharing things, i always share with her things that i've been doing..asking her to give comment, eventhO she doesn't really understand =p and LOVE sign is a must!! At least she could understand that little thing kan~ hik3 and for my part, i enjoy listening on things she got to say about her study, even for sometimes, it can make me feel nauseous =p cepat sangat imagine mende2 pelek ggitu =P hee and she gave me lots of health tips..'jgn amek double carbO, kurangkan susu creamer tuu, etc..'..rase sangat disayangi!! ihikss~

That is all i got to say..Although she is a medic student, and me myself an architecture student, we still survive until tOday..it has been 10 months oredi.We're still together, still going strong..i hope our love and this happiness will last forever. insyaAllah~

And one day, i would prove to them that this Love-Courses thing is a nonsense!!
*pastu jalan senggeng2 meninggalkan mereka~ hahahaha

aaaa..panjangnyeee~~~ esei ke ape nih..adeyh =P grammar ntah ke mane da nie~ correct me nant yer hOney =) =) =)

Role Model..me??

Today is my greatest day ever..

One of the lecturers, Bro Suhaimi (which i'm nOt very close tO) called me tO cOme forward in frOnt of more than 100++ architecture students, just to tell them about me!!

at the first place, i got very3 nervous as i thought he called me because of seeing me fell asleep during report presentation =p (report presentatiOn, wut dO u expect kan kan~) heee

"we should have more people like Yushah", really made me mlayang2~ terharu abes!!!

he elaborated many things about me, but i couldn't remember most of it as i already got shegan2 kembang in front of the audience =D hik3

what a day.. hOney..i wish u were there..lets celebrate nanti yer!!! u nak blanje i nanti kan =)hee

Syukur Alhamdulillah..


39 things about the persOn that i lOve..

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1. Her name is Syamira bt Mohd Zaki

2. She was born on July 13th 1987, Monday.

3. She is the 2nd taikO from 8.

4. Her IC no. is 870713-03-5588..i still remember how i gOt to know hers-by looking at the notice board for SPM candidates =D

5. Her SPM candidate nO is TEO14 B191

6. Her height is 154 cm and her weight is 50++ kg.. maintain2 key~

7. 03245 is her matric nO. at Qber.. the owner herself cudn’t remember hers =p keh3

8. She stayed at Aspuri Khatijah, rOom K35..her bed position-kite same!!!! i got the chance tO discover bout this when we got to stay at the gurl’s Aspuri during school holiday..in fact, i left a mark on her mattress -my name- which she didn’t realized =p adeyhh..

9. Her first fOn nO. which she used to SMS me was 019-9391658, and i bet if she still cud remember this nO~ heee lalalala

10. After that, she changed her fOn nO. to 017–9012782..i miss the old one..lots of memories I think.. maen miscall2 kan~

11. Another thing about her is that, die salu jatuh~ =( adeyhh.. u really gOt tO be very3 careful hOney~

12. She is ‘bekem’ in nature..when she is not satisfied with anyone, kOmpOm leh detect dari air mukenye *takut2* mybe that’s why she likes tO play MW =p jangey metO2 nga diO~

13. She was the cutest girl in our class back then!! Till today, she is the cOmeyest girl in my heart =)

14. She got beautiful eyes..just slightly darker compared tO mine~ sOme said they're ‘kecik’, but tO me, they're perfect!! bukey ngepOm deyhhh~ hee

15. She doesn't like durians n salaks..

16. She is a happy gO lucky girl..happy jer bile ngan die =)

17. She likes tO make jOkes and make me tgelak+ tsengeh panjang

18. Dia sangat indi, n x depends kat org laen.

19. She is very pnyayang..sOmehow, I can feel it =)

20. She was PRS member - announcing the bufday bOys n girls during rOcOl pagi2

21. Dia suke maen badminton..wakil skOlahhh ni~ bwah coach Cikgu?? Meedaaammmm~ hee

22. One of the most genius students in class E..deanlist!! last sem at qber – 3.86

23. Her house is very3 near tO mine..5 minutes by car..but she managed tO dO in 3 minutes!! (kalOh aa gini ambo)

24. She loves sweet things..mende yg kiut3 gituu laa key~ hik3

25. She is a dOctOr-tO-be..the cOmeyest one~

26. She can speak very fast!! still remember when she tOld me that the panels fOr Russian Program said, ‘u speak too fast’. =p but fOr me, it’s a gift, kan kan!

27. She liked (or likes) tO sleep in the class..mmg landing abes tdOnye, especially mase cikgu Ahamat ngaja matmod =D

28. Dia penah kasik saya kad raye + dOit raye inside it..sukenye!!!

29. She used to be my ‘client’ =) ehemmm3..hanya kita yg tau kan!!

30. She was the one who SMSd me 1st =D marked as the starting pOint in our relationship =) and I’m glad!!

31. She always acted as ‘Dayang Istana’ in our short muvees during ‘Minggu Aktiviti’..still remember when she put flowers on her head – she acted as Dang Wangi if I’m nOt mistaken, wearing blue baju kurung =)

32. She is a very sweet friend of mine..the sweetest!! She gave me Garfield as a present, which I still keep it until tOday~ my feberet present..

33. She wrOte sumthing on my reference bOoks, like I don’t recognize her handwriting =p cOmeyy~

34. The only person that i specially decorated the autograph book for..yg laen, jgn jeles yer =p smngat abes, sampai ke KT beli brg nak hias =)

35. The only person that i can angau sampai tjatuh mase nak lOmpat pagar =p still can feel the effect of it~ adeyhh..and it was on 1st September 2004..

36. She gave me a slice of pitza, brought back from KT after outing with her Uncle..she put it inside my locker during prep =) and that was on 2nd OctOber 2004

37. She can play guitar!!! X sangka langsung!! I was very3 happy when she played bufday sOng fOr me with the help of her AshtOn..it was one of the most perfect and happiest nites fOr me =) =) =) sengeh x hengat daaa~ hik

38. She is everything tO me..more than anything..

39. And she is the one that I will always lOve!! Forever and fOr always~ =) =) =)

I like this sOng, it really reminds me of her. I was at Kembara Beach Resort, and she was at GEN Beach Resort during that night, when Cikgu Azhar played this song using his guitar =) 1 OktOber 2004 yg sangat indah..